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RV Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I first inspect an RV before buying and why use an independent RV Inspector?
Do I really need a RV inspection?
I have found an RV I’m interested in but the distance is to great for me, I don’t have time to check it out!
At what point should an RV Surveyor get involved?
How long doses the inspection process take?

Why should I first inspect an RV before buying and why use an independent RV Inspector?

The RV inspection will provide you with detailed information about the operating condition of the motorhome or travel trailer you are considering for purchase. If no problem is found you have the peace of mind that you are making a good decision, If the report reveals that what the seller represent was not altogether accurate and components are not working or hidden damage exists, the inspection lets you know the true condition of the RV. You confirm the condition of the RV before you purchase it. You may perform this inspection yourself if you feel qualified or hire a professional inspection service

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Do I really need a RV inspection?

If you intend to invest several thousand of your hard-earned dollars in purchasing a motorhome or travel trailer, an RV surveyor may be the least expensive and most valuable tool you have to assist you in that purchase. An RV operator who knows the condition of his unit is better prepared to handle adversity than one who isn't. The RV surveyor you hire to inspect the motorhome or travel trailer should have the knowledge and expertise to determine if it has been properly maintained and in safe condition. A prudent buyer should make his final acceptance of the RV subject to the findings of a RV inspector.

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I have found an RV I’m interested in but the distance is to great for me, I don’t have time to check it out!

Consider using an independent RV inspection service, they usually will includes digital pictures of the motorhome or travel trailer, along with a detailed inspection report. The RV inspector will identify problem areas the RV inspector has found. The inspection report and photos will be provided by most service and you can usually speak directly with the inspector that performed your inspection, so you can ask questions about the motorhome or travel trailer.

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At what point should an RV Surveyor get involved?

When you find the RV you are interested in purchasing and have negotiate a price you are comfortable with to pay, assuming that what the seller has represented to you is true and correct. Make sure your purchase contract is contingent on completion of a satisfactory inspection. Spell out what you expect and get it in writing. Your RV Surveyor should be an independent inspector. Ask your surveyor to see a copy of the inspection checklist prior to inspection.  After the inspection is completed, report reviewed and be sure to request pictures, from there make your decision how to proceed. If what you expected was confirmed to be true, you are ready to go. If the RV inspector finds issues that give you concern, you then have options. You can re-negotiate the purchase price based on the inspection report or you can request the seller to fix the items that concern you or you can walk away from the deal.

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How long does the inspection process take?

After your confirmation to proceed, the RV Surveyor will contact the seller to schedule the inspection. Most inspections usually are performed within a couple of days. The average inspection takes three to four hours to complete. Following the inspection, the inspector contacts the buyer with results. Most RV inspection report are written and sent by e-mail or fax to you the buyer. Most will overnight for addition charge to cover cost. 

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